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    Lindrea - The Awesome Is Now Happening!
    05-12-2015, 12:54 AM,
    Post: #1
    Lindrea - The Awesome Is Now Happening!
    So.. hi.  I'm kinda new here.  Sorta.  I've known Hudnall, Mattman and a bunch of others for a.. few years now?  Holy crap, has it been that long?  Wow.  So, Hi!  I'm Lindrea.  I've been building/updating/maintaining a modded minecraft pack for a while now.  We've been running this pack on an OHG server as kind of a test bed.  It's still very much in the testing phase, but it's close to completion... kind of.

    Anywho, a bit more about me, yes?  I live in Boise, Iaho with my partner Persefoni.  Most of our time is spent on university work, but when we have freetime, we play games with Hudnall, Revan, Matt, Cheddar, etc..  What little free time we have.  Aaaand the occasional GTA V game with Mit and Strike.  Hi! :D

    Anywho!  If you've got any questions about the upcoming modded server, lemme know and I'll answer them as best I can.  Nice to meet you all! :)

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    05-16-2015, 03:33 AM,
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    RE: Lindrea - The Awesome Is Now Happening!
    Hi Lindrea,

    Welcome! And welcome to the forums.  I look forward to this mod pack that you have been working on.  It sounds fascinating.

    The forums are somewhat quiet at the moment, but as schools continue to finish up their semesters and quarters, I expect we will see a few more folks climb out of the perverbial rabbit hole that school becomes.

    See you in the 'verse!

    Minecraft IGN: John Stranger
    Everythin' else:Wraith Shepherd
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