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    OpenHouseGaming "Vanilla" Server Announcement
    08-06-2014, 09:59 PM,
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    OpenHouseGaming "Vanilla" Server Announcement
    Hello everyone, sorry for the complete radio silence.

    As a few of you have noticed, we do have a server running on the IP address that is currently in whitelist mode, this is for building a Spawn for a new world. We will be looking for input on this in a little while but we're not quite ready to show it off.

    This server will be a return of the Minefire style server, a Bukkit server with minimal plugins mostly focusing on antigrief and usability. We will have a vanilla Minecraft generated world from version 1.8 (upcoming release) with a dedicated spawn island in the world. With the changes to Minecraft world gen in theory we will only ever have to expand borders to access new stuff without ugly world seams but that is something that will be worried about later. The spawn will be mostly decorative with a few features like a games arena (because we couldn't go without spleef).

    I will be the primary admin of this server with support from StrikeForceZero as well as a few others. I will also like to ask that any Mods reading this please send me a PM on the forums if I haven't spoken to you about the server yet. We are currently not looking for new staff, but this may change after I find out who is still around.

    As mentioned above, the new world is planned to be a 1.8 world, a version not currently released. The target release date for the server is within 3 days of Bukkit 1.8 becoming stable (which could be a while still). There will be another thread discussing a server to tide us over, not necessarily vanilla, but a Minecraft server. You may find the link here

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    08-09-2014, 10:36 AM,
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    RE: OpenHouseGaming "Vanilla" Server Announcement
    Thanks for some info. I can't wait to play and record some Minecraft again! تصویر: images/smilies/soft/^^.png
    "Happiness is a warm gun and a cold blade..."
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