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Heroes of the Storm - Greyhame - 10-15-2014

So, apparently their latest round of invites to the Technical Alpha included a new server in Sydney, which means a whole lot of Aussies got invites. From what some people were saying however was Sydney is in the America Realm/Region/Whatever the smeg they call it though meaning I should be able to play with anyone else on America (with the obvious ping disadvantage). Is anyone else on it?

RE: Heroes of the Storm - Sinnehh - 10-15-2014

My group in the good old hello kitty TS channel been wanting invites for ever now with no luck but once beta ends and we can play since blizz hates us we will be up if ever need a group.

RE: Heroes of the Storm - Greyhame - 10-15-2014

I was surprised I got one, again I think the main reason I'm in now is only because they want to test an Australian server. So far I haven't found anyone else I know who has it, though I found out after most of my LoL friends were offline so one of them might have one.

I'll let you know if by chance they do an "invite friends" code before they go into open beta.