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Old minecraft maps - StrikeForceZero - 09-15-2014

So over the years, many of you have been asking to release our minecraft maps for download.
And given the current situation with bukkit I feel like maybe now would be a great time to put them up for download
I beleive I have every single one. One of them may have a bit of corruption.

What I would like to do is set these up as a torrent and seed every map in their own archive/zip
then remove the last block (chunk of the file) from each archive until enough peers reach 99%

For people new to torrenting, this will allow 2 things.

You will be able to pick and choose what maps you are downloading

Everyone will help share the maps. At first it will be "intial-seeding" where I'm forcing everyone to essentially "wait" in line and help create other seeds to lighten the load.

Then after I feel we have enough seeds I will re insert the block and everyone can finish their download.
I don't plan on leaving this run forever but this will allow users to redistribute the files freely amongst each other through any file sharing they want. Or continue seeding

And as an added benifit, the hash checking will allow you to redownload a chunk of the archive if its corrupted

Please give some feedback or what maps you'd like the most


RE: Old minecraft maps - Hydrafang - 09-16-2014

I recognize "Skyspawn" but I've been on so many of this groups maps now I honestly cant remember what the specific names were. Is ther eany way to find out, or should I just check them all to be safe?

Also a potentially relevant question: How big are some of these files? I know while the server was down I ran a small world for 4 of my friends (and myself) and that server files hit like 2 gigs before people lost interest, and since less people means less room so I assume these world files are larger.

RE: Old minecraft maps - tuffeddie - 09-16-2014

Showcase isn't listed. Cuz that came after gold, right?


RE: Old minecraft maps - StrikeForceZero - 09-16-2014

showcase was one i forgot about it, sorry
each map is about 1gig

RE: Old minecraft maps - havvy - 09-17-2014

im interested in the 1.6.4 map
so the showcase map isn't going to be put back up?

RE: Old minecraft maps - Sinnehh - 09-17-2014

was sky arena that thing i made with red vs blue or am i thinking of something else.

been wanting a copy of skyspawn for ever. and like others i dont remember map names well also. but do think beta was most active map if remember right.

RE: Old minecraft maps - tuffeddie - 09-17-2014

I wasn't around during alpha, but yeah I think beta was our peak for activity. Gold was pretty active though if my memory serves me correct.


RE: Old minecraft maps - Ariah - 10-22-2014

The one with mayors and continents was fun too.

RE: Old minecraft maps - StrikeForceZero - 10-23-2014

I'm compressing them now for download.

I'll post the link here once its done.
They will be available for http download (1gigabit port speed) for about 4 days
then after they will be a torrent

RE: Old minecraft maps - StrikeForceZero - 10-23-2014


I believe world, is the showcase map