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    Open House Gaming Teamspeak 3

    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 04-18-2014 01:45 AM - No Replies

    Not for you guys but for me :b
    I rented out another same spec server to move all my production projects over to

    what does this mean?
    24GB / 12x2 Cores (24 Threads) / 1Gigabit port to BURN
    I'm still paying $84 a mo for this guy and i want it put to good use
    so come on, who wants to become a server admin and start up a server in the name of OHG?
    we can run linux and windows servers

    Contact me if interested!


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      New IP for OHG
    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 04-11-2014 03:34 AM - Replies (7)

    I've decided to take over the IP OHG runs on for other things since its a "desirable" IP
    I'm a little greedy, but hey not like you guys will notice lol
    I'm not sure what IP on the /28 i will move it to, but it should be seamless for you all

    So if anyone reading this uses the IP instead of hostnames, please change to hostnames as i will be making this change very very soon

    minecraft will also be on its own ip along with teamspeak
    they will use the hostnames and
    no longer will point to all services so please update accordinally

    and for those still using I applaud you, but i want to drop support for all subdomains on that and preferably not renew the domain this coming summer...

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      Gone Fishing.
    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 03-29-2014 03:16 AM - Replies (14)

    So, the forums are dead. I've been distrac-- I mean Busy.

    Here's the updates as of late: (Any admins feel free to fix / add to this post)

    • I now have a iOS developers license. When I get time we will have an app for both Android / iOS
               (I've been way too busy with other more important projects to come through on my previous deadlines sorry)

    • Minecraft server will get a makeover, more details to come
    • Still patiently waiting for Star Citizen
    • Still need to finish setting up our old Source Engine servers... and possibly killing floor again.
    • Forum theme and a front page is on hold for the time being
    • Starbound should be online @ (go read the thread for it)
    • We haven't received any donations in almost a year! Not sure if thats a good thing or not...
             (running at $81 /month if you are curious)

    • Autofire wants to start a Unreal tourny server, anyone interested in playing if we do?
    • Teamspeak still kicking
    • Need more people to volunteer their skills / time if anyone is interested in helping out
            (programmers, admins, ideas, mods, etc)

    So yea, if you are alive let us know by posting and leaving some feed back or something. I know most of us are either in school or working hard with full time jobs.

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      Breaking the Theme
    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 03-03-2014 06:28 AM - Replies (2)

    So as you can see, I forced an update that changed all of our default theme to one I've been working on. What's the difference? resize your browser window and you will see. Unfortunately when merging the changes it still appears to not trigger on my android phone like it was. I'm working on it.

    Yes I know I broke a lot of stuff, but hey its not like anyones using the forums actively anyway ;)

    Post here on things you'd like to see change or fixed right away (I'm probably aware of it but if its killing you let me know and ill try to fix it quick)

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      Data center derped our /28 ip block
    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 02-21-2014 09:00 AM - No Replies

    So most of the games like starbound and such have been offline since feb 18th due to the data-center derping our routing for our IP block
    we've been fighting them forever to prove its not our fault and should have everything restored soon

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      massive downtime
    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 02-14-2014 10:38 PM - Replies (1)

    so we had a botnet running on one of our vms and the datacetner flagged our server and null routed our ip

    I have almost every vm shutdown besides this one and the essentials for me to investigate further

    sorry for the downtime everyone

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    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 01-23-2014 07:07 PM - Replies (3)


    Most services will be down tonight.
    I'm re routing our /28 block of IPS through our /29 block to introduce a firewall and traffic shaper.

    I wanted to prepare for this and make it minimal downtime but It appears the data center didn't confirm a window and just made the change. I'll be working to get everything in place.

    Mainly this affects starbound, private servers, etc

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      Open House Gaming Starbound Server: Now Open
    Posted by: Mattman1153 - 01-03-2014 02:22 AM - No Replies

    The Open House Gaming Starbound Server is now OPEN.



    We have a very nice spawn planet that you're all more than welcome to visit us on, Alpha Kurhah Minoris I, however there is an energy field surrounding it that renders it unable to be built upon by most players. To counteract this however we offer a small fuel allowance to leave the planet and find your own home amongst the stars.

    More details about the server can be found here.

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      Starbound Server Incoming!
    Posted by: Professor Hudnall - 12-31-2013 02:05 AM - Replies (1)

    [Image: brace-yourselves-memes-summer-Game-of-Th...79923.jpeg]

    So yeah, Glory to Mattman and Strike. 


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      Happy Holidays OHG
    Posted by: StrikeForceZero - 12-25-2013 05:21 AM - No Replies

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays whether you have a tree of prickly green things, with fragile thin metal balls and randomly assorted lights or whatever it is that brings you and your family or computer together for large amounts of steam purchases, a happy holiday! (best run on sentence ever)

    If you're looking to pair up with some fellow OHG'ians

    Check out the new forum where you can plan what games you want to play on what day, and see who will join you!

    See everyone around!

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